Gamification of precalculus/calculus instruction in the Norwegian education system

As a part of my work as a math teacher in Videregående skole in the Norwegian education system I intend to develop a method of instruction in precalculus/calculus which utilises gamification. Whenever I teach precalculus or calculus in any of the following courses: Matematikk 1T, Matematikk R1, Matematikk R2 (See Figure), I will offer each student the choice of applying gamification principles to enhance their learning.


I sincerely believe that gamification in education could:

  • make learning more fun
  • motivate students to practice their skills more
  • stimulate metacognition and help students develop their own schemes for structuring their work which could be useful once they reach higher levels of education

However, I will not force gamification on anyone. If the students desire it, they can have the curriculum without gamification.

This will be a work from scratch as I have no previous training in the subject. I have a couple of ideas that I will be working on and will post the results on this blog in English once I get started.

If you have ideas for how one can implement gamification principles in precalculus/calculus instruction, or in any other subject at any level of education, feel free to leave your comment below!




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  1. Harry, I am quite excited because you are in fact the first person to leave a comment on this blog! 🙂 Thank you for your kind comment. I will do my best.

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